One Eye

Ole One Eye is a tale told in several village along the River pherile and the forest Lonwyn and Cadwyn. Living in the Cadwyn Forest is, rumor has it, a Large one eyed giant. Few folks have claimed to have seen him. While most are the trouble makers of the town, a few of them are respected. He is disscribed as over eaight feet tall, muscled with corse brown hair. He carries a thick staff according to legend that say if an old house beam. There are many tales of his origin, but the most common is that he was once a warrior, a commander in the High priestesses' army who had never lost a battle. One day he was out and passed by village dansic where two young men were walkign carrying poles for fishing. The warrior demanded the boys move out of the way, so his cloak would not touch them as he passed. The boys refused saying there was room enough and the warrior gre enraged. He drew his sword and went at the boys intending to slay each slowly for defying him. Somehow the boy defeated him using only thier poles and not only managed to escape, but even had the time to smear fishguts on his cloak. when the warrior returned Takhene priestess was so enrage she banned him. To show his devotion he removed one eye and offered it to the high preistess to allow him to stay and serve his goddess. Takhene, being a vengeful God agreed but cursed the warrior and transformed him into a mokery of what he was, a one eyed giant. He ran from the citiy never to be seen again, but stays in cadwyn forest. It is said he hunts young men who looked like thoes two boys and kills them and wears their skin as his armor.

In truth Ole One Eye really is a giant. A Cyclops name Falcor, though if he is a friend or foe, no one knows.

"Falcor while scaring the bejebus out of us at first, Is a good individual while never actually offering any advice he was like a mirror just reflecting what our options may be if we go along the course we spoke of. In the end we decided to "Hide in the lion's den" then out and about elsewhere was this the right decesion only time will tell"

Corvin Oakridge Phoenix 3 1622

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