On Sorcery Banned

The band had saved the keep, but that was not the end of thier worries. First they were surprised to hear of the death on of the Commander. As his sucessor he named Lord Captain Allister. Now Lord commander Allister had given the Fotress of light over to the command of Lord Captian Bernard. However, he sent a large contingent of his own men as well as several Inquisitors and Mother Superior Giovanni. With these new people at the fortress things soon became tough. A man was found dead by magic, and the only magic using resident, Red was inprisioned. The Band manage to find her but were captured and banned from the fortress of light. Information however set them on the path to leaving anyway, as jonesey found that from the twisted doorways the way to stop the shadow lay through ruidian. Off the Band went in search of the famous city of the desert far int he southern land of Chi Cshura.

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