Oxor – God of crafts.
Other names

Symbols: Anvil and Hammer

Alignment: Neutral

Portfolio: Construction, Alchemy, Crafts, and Builders

Favored Weapon: War Hammer

Common Worshippers: Construction Workers, Architects, Labors, and Craftsmen

History: Oxor inspired the creation of many things on Nor from the shovel to the Aqueduct from the Crossbow to the Dragon Slayer Replica. Whenever someone sees possibility they are seeing with Oxor’s eyes.

Dogma: Oxor dictates three principles to his followers, Your creation is a part of you build it to last forever, Never Anger a Customer A discount today will yield more customers tomorrow, Make every item as if it was for yourself.

Places of Worship: The temple Oxor is typically inside every guild hall and small store there are also offerings left at market for Oxor by artisans and their customers either in thanks or in offering to find the goods that are needed.

Average services: Morning Prayers are held just before Dawn by crafts men the world over just as they star the day and stoke the fire they offer prayer to stoke the fires of imagination as well. Midday meal prayer is often followed by the spilling of wine on the door way of the crafters store to encourage the winds of creation, and before evening meal Craftsman offer the first serving to the fire in the glory of Oxor for allowing their projects to be safe while they are asleep.

Holy Days: The Spring Equinox is known as Crafts Faire when artisans travel to big Cities to sell their wares and discuss new ideas with fellow crafters. There is an offering to the clerics of Oxor by each participant usually in the sum of 10% of the first days taking in the three day festival. 50% goes to the most ingenious crafter decided by the clerics the Next 30% goes to the worst crafter to help them improve the final 20% is used for the next Crafts Faire.

The Fall Equinox is known as the grand convention. It is a time when delegates from every crafts guild go to the main temple to discuss business policy and price negotiations for the coming year. Each Guild donates 10% of its guild coffers to the Church that is then used to further discovery and seal trade agreements with outsiders.

Alignments: Any
Duties: Clerics of Oxor are in charge of settling Labor disputes, Finding new sources of resources and encouraging the sharing of new concepts and Ideas.
Domains: Wealth Trade Craft Creation

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