A beautiful woman entered the room where the seer sat. His two eyes were closed but his third eye remained open. He sat crosslegged, thought he did not touch the ground. His entire body floated a foot from the floor, and only his robes touched it. The woman, dressed in an expensive and scandalous gown walked to the side of the chamber, where there several benches. Her hair is long, but tied back to show her face. Her pointed ears, and round eyes betrayed her mixed heritage. She turned toward the man. "Do you see them?"
"yes" he replied. "The channel was opened perfectly. I can observe them almost anywhere."
"Tell me what has happened."
"Very well, But sit, as much has happened."

After talking to the Guardians in Kalista, they went in search of the mine. There they ran into Alexis's son, thought they did not know who he was at the time. They worked together, with another of the guardians, to find a way into the mines by the Dwarves observation points. The scartooth do not build as well as dwarves. They were able to make it into the guard tower. Thier skill is much greater than we thought. They found found that the scartooth and thier Hobgoblin Leader were enslaving the rest of the lesser goblins. They somehow convince the goblins to rebel, and in the commotion killed the hobgoblin, released thier ogre slave, captured Luqistious, and kill Deacon Bollux. It was quite a site actually. They took the elf with them and managed to grab the book. I am sure they can not read it however. They then took the lift into the crystal chamber. They found the Deese. It bonded with the oldest. I have some of this out of order, but no matter. It is what happened. They left there bonded to the Deeses and with the elf and book in tow.

"Val's book?" She asked?
"The same. The elf killed him for it, thinking it help the secret to overcomin the power of Alexis. The wards on the book kept it from being read, but he was able to read anough to know where the Deese was held."
"Do they know what the Deese is?" she asked.
"Nay, the eldest dosen't even know it is there half the time"

During the trip back there was some type of argument, and Luqitious escaped. They returned to Kalista ready to denounce Andovan as a traitor, but Twils luck would see a different path. Alexis declared herself queen. She had been abandoned by Tahkene for her younger priestess. She thought if she made herself queen, it would put her above the law. We know how long this has been her plan. If Andovan was more plaible, it might have happened earlier, while she still had the bitch god's favor. Instead her decree of the laws of Condor over that of the church angered the goddess and she released the Tarrasque. Meanwhile the Danzig group fell apart. The preist betrayed them to Andovan. He placed his faith above his friend, as we knew he would. The youngest turned on his brother and left. He abandoned him to capture by Verstible. He felt vengence was more important than survival and went after Andovan on his own. In the end they barely managed to get out of Kalista in time. The oldest was freed by the large one. They found Alexis Son and left the city in time to watch it fall to the great beast.

"So it is as we thought?" Again the woman interupped.
"It is. It has gone into the short sleep but it will awaken. It will then ravage everything in it path, until it is stopped, or it sleeps again. It could destroy all of Aranthar."
"So we have worked in vain?" she asked.
"I think not. Ezra's vision have proven true, but there is still the unknown."

On the way out they were met by Val's student. He had the seer with him and she led him to the four, three now. He did not know why, though. It seems Val was killed killed before he could explaine anything to his student. Thomas is his name. Ironic isn't it? The seer tried to kill one of them but they killed her in self defense. We knew she was unpredictable, but I never expected that. They left the city and found Clouds Crossing. Another ironic event. They happened to find the one place where Barristan took refuge. It is almost as if Kiril… or Twil for that matter guides them. They met a cleric of Sul, and the bard, but he did not reveal anyhting to them. He has actually dissapeared now. I do not know what happened, one moment I could see him, the next he was hidden from me. I know he could not use his magic after what was done to him in Direhold. IF ever we can punish the lord who mamed his fingers and cut his tongue out, I swear he will die by my hands. One of the greatest mind of our age, destroyed over vanity. It seems the bard had gotten a hold of wishink, and was rewriting his plays. As the stories came to life, no one knew what was causing it. The three finally found the answer, and Alexis son.. Edris finished the story. They even threw in a hurt to Andovan. But now the bard is gone, and the priest travels with them. They helped the town by killeing the small gnoll tribe that took refuge in one of the ancient shires to the old ways.

They then came across one of the plainmen tribes who have been plagued by stirges. Our luck they came from Dane Castle. They entered that cursed place, and Dane found them. He has them now, in the castle, where I can not watch, and I fear for thier saftey.

The woman spoke again. "If they are who we think they ae, they will find a way out. I will return for another report. Be well, Vauder. " She left the room, leaving the seer to his duties.

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