Nobels Quarter

The Nobel's Quarter is a majestic site. While the island that Sanction is built upon is mostly flat, some of the manors of the noble district have been built on artificial hills to add to their prestige. There are more trees and grass and flowers here than any other quarter. While the quarter is named the noble's quarter, truly only a handful here are real nobles. The residents that have manors in the city, are really of three types. Landowners who have lands outside the city, and have built home here, so they can stay in touch with local authorities. All of these are true Noble of Eroth. The rich who have no lands, but have made their fortune through trade, or rare crafts and lastly the rich who have somehow "come" into money that they can afford to build/buy a house in this region. There are several shops that cater to the wealthy here. There is also a temple to Derrilyn, making it the only religion in the city with two temples. (The other is in the residential quarter.) The city guard patrol the Noble quarter much more strictly than other quarters. They will often stop those that they do not know or that appears not to "fit in". While there is no law that prevents anyone from entering the quarter, the constant attention that a person can receive as well as a refusal to do business, can make the average citizen feel unwelcomed. While Sanction is a city open to adventurer's this is the one quarter of the city that they will find no welcome. If fact, most stores will not sell to them, regardless of the amount of money they have. The only exception are adventuring companies given a charter by the king or steward.

Some Places of note are:

Willards Winery - While most of Willard's Wares are exported and sold at taverns, he does maintain a shop in the nobles quarter. His prices are high.
Tillson and Brothers - Tilson and him family specialize in the finest clothing, all custom made. Embroidery is a must.
WillShire's Bank - Willshires works with all of the large trading houses and merchant's guilds. He will accept a letter of credit from any of them.
The Dancing Dapple - This upscale Tavern/Inn is run by an elf called Jasper. He is known for his apathy to what goes on in the Inn.
Stroms - Strom, an explorer seem to be able to find the most interesting things. His items are high prices and are talking pieces throughout the city. There are some he does not display, so as not to interfere with bragging rites.
The Temple of Indulgence - The ladies and men devoted to the worship of Derrilyn know many ways of inducing pleasure.
Phillum's Statuary - This large statuary is open for people to walk among the work of Phillum and purchase what they see here. Some of the the statues are of things that do not even exist.


Willard Russell - This noble has large estates to the north of the city where he maintain orchards of unbelievable quality. His wine is know as the best in Aranthar, and could possibly be the best throughout the world. Willard himself is a very simple man, often dressing like a commoner. He loves his orchards, and rarely spends time in the city.
Strom Redford - Explorer, and past adventurer. He has made many connection and often has many valuable items pass through his shop. He specializes in jewelry, and artifacts, that only the rich can afford. While he is not a noble, many on the people in the city treat him that way, and he loves every minute of it.
Rhinehold Vesper The Noble Vesper family can trace their family back to before the great calamity. They own estates in the north, and mostly deal with livestock and foresting. Rhinehold recently lost the election to the Council of Eroth to the Aasimar Evette, and if convinced there is some kind of conspiracy afoot and he is willing to tell anyone about it.
Roy Blakemore - Blakemore is a scholar of the arcane arts, and private collector of Magical wares. He maintains a large library of texts dealing with the magical arts, with rare tomes that rivals that of the Academy or Arts, Arcane. While not having any actual arcane talent he is one of the cities most knowledgeable sources of magic theory and history in Sanction. If fact his knowledge and collection are so vast the the academy has been trying unsuccessfully to recruit him for some time.

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