Thank for what you guys have done on the page so far. Especially to Steve, who has transferred so much of the old page over and adding some great images, and did a great job with the initial Layout! Remember, the wiki is a co-operative effort. Steve and I can not do it alone. Take time to contribute and be a part of this record of World's evolution. If you have any cool stories you can thing of, find a place for them. There is plenty of space in Nor for all of our work.

Don't forget always check on Sat for updates.
The new campaign is getting there. I know you haven't seen much but there is a lot of work going on in the background. Keep an eye on the recent changes pages, as we get closer to the first game, you will see changes pop up more and more frequently. If anyone is interested in doing some work on the races, or any of the cities in Emic, let me know.

Wow, been a while since I updated this last. Well we all know how that goes. The work on the new campaign is moving along. Thanks to Alaster for filling in as DM while I reboot and rest and revitalize. The work on DM Genie is going a bit slow, but I think the hardest stuff is done. The rest should not take as long, and I will focus on the stuff we need four our ame and fill in the rest later. I will also be working on updating the pages with the way the world is today. I don;t think I will be changing any of the magic rules, though I may drop the price on scrolls and potions. I still don;t want the walking christmas tree effect so I will keep restrictions on buff spells, and stat boosting items, but this game I expect there to be some more magic laying around. Keep watching for updates, and remember this is the main place to come for info about the game. Cancellations, etc. Make sure you are checking. Also coming a reward system for contributing. I am thinking Action points… Let me know if anyone has any ideas.

11.1.07 Thank to everyone for the flexibility this week. I know I got to everyone late about which day we were playing. The adventure was a success, and was hopefully a bit frightening, but I can t wait to get back to normal. As of now, I have no call outs for the weekend, though Mike is still not back. We probably we see him for a couple more weeks at least. This week we get back to our normal characters, and the time off hopefully has everyone ready to head back. I have been updating some god info, and should have it finished by tomorrow. After that it will just be some polishing. I have also been working on some details of some other places you all would like to see more of, so when the time is right, there should be some cool stuff coming up.

Some of you said on SAT, that you didn't want to wait a whole year to play your modern characters again. While I wouldn't want to visit the genre too often (or it will lose its magic I think) when you are all hankering for another game, let me know. I would like to get a full crew for one though, as I think it will work that much better.

One last thing, I am going to make a thread in the forums which I would like to act as a survey. After this Sats game, I really would like to know how you feel about the direction of the game, and the job I'm doing running it. It would probably be best if everyone logs out so you can reply anon, that way you can really speak your mind. I need to get a real idea of what you like, and what you don't otherwise I wont know what to change or to keep in. Please take the time to add your thoughts. That's all. Thanks.

10.8.07 You all know we lost a player. I am not filling the spot, in case he decides he can play again. Because of the past, I wont replace him until enough time has gone by for me to be sure he will not be returning. I spoke with Mike, and when he returns for real, he should be back full time. (It was up in the air, and things can still change but let hope for a full time return.)

The next couple of games Dave will run Nexus, to give me a break, (the first one since the campaign started) and allow me to catch up on some work and get ready for the Halloween game. The Halloween game will be the sat before the 31st and it look like by request we will be going back to Pinebox TX for a 12 to midnight game. If you need a reminder, that is where the geo caching competition was and is close to a certain army base. I have a couple of choices in which adventure to run. I will talk a bit about it this weekend. The plan right now is for you torun the same PC (Steve, his liberal arts student, Kyle his engineering student, and Dave his returning iraq Soldier) If anyone has other ideas, let me know.

Last, thanks for the effort on the page steve, and Matt. You guys have stepped up and added some great content that we should see soon ingame. Priority is getting the GODs done. I will be devoting my web time to that, before taking on anything else, as it is the oldest unfunished project. After that the calendar is next. Once these are done, it will open up a lot of possibilities. Thanks for everyone's help.

7.16.07 The game Sat (28th) is canceled. Please post if you can play on Sunday.

7.7.07 The game is at 2 today. That is not a concrete time, since I know it is unusual, but I would appreciate it if everyone could try to be here for 2. Thank!

6.24.07 - change the start page a bit. Sorry the game was canceled this week. I don't cancel many game, but it is Summer and I don't want to waste the good weather. Matt called me and he will be back playing the first game after July 7th (Sunday if we get together then. Mike has been waiting to see how braden does with the bottle. He will come by when Braden seem good. Keep in minf that July 7th there will be no game. Anyone who can play on that Sunday please let me know, so I can see if we have enough people. Thanks everyone. See you next week.

6.8.07 - added comment section to the welcome page, so if anyone would like to comment on the site, feel free.

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