Myseterious Monks And Vampires

While treaveling to Cor, and camping for the night, you came across a strange figure in the night. He carried a long staff, and used it to find his way. His eyes were unseeing but he still seemed to be able to take care of himself. The characters invited him inot the camp for supper but did not know he carried with him danger. Shortly after a group of strange humanoid attacked our band. They were were small, grey and also blind, but had no eyes at all. A quick fight and soon they were all dead. The monk, explained they were after him, but offered up no reason. The adventurers still asked him to travel with them, sensing he needed help.

Also during the night they met another travaller named Joshua. He seemed to be a well traveled man, and wish only to share the fire for warmth and protection. He left on good terms in the morning, but our band had the strange feeling that they will see hima gain.

Cor, a fine town, but a bit strange. After the streghtfighter showed his money around and treated the whole town to a free meal, he was mugged and almost killed. Clerics from the temple of Sul found and healed him, though what they will want in return they never said.

On advice from joshua, the group saw Halas, a real life dwarf and employer of adventurers. He sent them to River's end, a small village nearby which seemed to have been plagued by vampires. After a quick investigation it turns out the only thing plaguing them was a large mutated bat. After killing the beast and getting thier reward (to replace the money they left in Cor) they returned to the town, ready to buy supplies to make thier way to seaport.

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