It is said that in the wetest part of Lonwyn where many streams flow from the Pherile intot he forest. There where the ground is almost swampy live the mudders. The mudder are said to be the decendants of humans who once got stuck in the muddy areas of lonwyn, and were forced to build thier homes there. The mudders are always filthy, prefering to cover themselves with mud than wear clothing. They also never see the son, and no longer walk upright, but instead have shiriveled up. They now do not grow over 4 feet and wqalk stooped and ragged. Thier hair is stringy and barely covers thier head. They also have sharp pointed teeth for the mudder are canibals, willing to eat even thier own kind.

It is said mudder witches have the evil eye and can cast powerful curses on any that stray to far into thier homelands. Mudder warriors used pointed stick tipped with deadly posion. In fact if is a comming of age ritual the getting of the posion. A young man searched our the deqadly posionous toad and catched it and must scrapes the posion from it body, but if they touch it with bare skin, they are doomed to die a slow and agonizing death. The mudder are also experts with rocks. They are so strong they can make a rock crush a mand head in like a melon.

"After our recent trip in Lonwyn Forest I need to make a personal note on the so called "Mudders". They do look a lot like human children, they call themselves the Hin and they are not canniabls. They are as varied and as skilled as any Human. They do seem to have a ritualistic style to the way they dress. the clothing they wear is of natural earth tones wich may be why some stories may say they wear nothing but mud. The stories of them being Canniabals may have to do with the fact of a very high goblin population in these woods who capture any they can to offer as sacrifice. There is no reason to fear or attack these gentle folk, they do make great company with there mushroom and tater stew."

Corvin Oakridge Phoenix 6 1622

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