Merchant S Convention

The Merchant's Convention. In Aranthar, each year a City is chosen to host the Merchant's Convention. This convention draws merchant's from every city in all of Aranthar. It is the largest known gathering on Nor. Each Merchant who comes knows that he is competing with other of his kind, so they tend to bring only their most rare and exotic items. Because of the crowds this draws, most cities also take advantage with festivals, tourneys, circuses, etc. It is one of the largest event held in the entire region.
The Convention has been held mostly in a few cities due tot he great cost of hosting the event. The city is responsible for providing space and lodging for the merchants. There is an unwritten rule that the event must surpass the last convention or the city will not be chosen again, and due to this, the convention nas beggared entire cities int he past.

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