Merchant District

The Merchant District is the swankest part of Freeport, home to the rich and influential upper classes. Many residents of Freeport never enter this part of town—and wouldn’t be allowed to stay long if they did. Only the wealthy are welcome here, and the teams of private guards that patrol the district make this abundantly clear to those of the lower class who might wander into the area.

Wave Street is the main drag that runs right through the center of the district. It starts up at the west gate of the Old City and goes from there to the Plaza of Gold, the highest point in the city proper. It continues past the plaza and down to the sea to the Marina, a private pier utilized solely by the city’s seafaring elite.

Despite being isolated from the rest of the community simply by its standards of wealth, the Merchant District still shares borders with other parts of the city. Drac’s End and the Temple District form the Merchant District’s western border. The Warehouse District and the Docks form the eastern border. The Old City, with its towering curtain wall, sits to the south. Freeport Harbor and the forests of Skull Island form a natural barrier to the north.

Always the center of Freeport’s wealth and power, the Merchant District remains the most prosperous place in the city. But the riots, famines, and troubles of the last few years have not stopped short at he district’s borders. Few here have truly suffered, but many fear that they yet might. The Sea Lord might claim their finances, their business could dry up, or their servants might turn on them out of greed and jealousy. The scions of the Merchant District swagger in public, but in private, their paranoia continues to rise.

Merchant District Locations:
1) The Plaza of Gold
2) The Marina
3) The Merchants Guildhouse
4) The Gilt Club
5) The Last Resort
6) The Freeport Opera House
7) Maurices
8) Maeorgan Manor
9) The Jewelers and Gemcutters Guild
10) Salon Du Masque
11) The Last Port
12) The Society Freeport Chapter
13) The House of Scholars
14) Maximillians Cloxkworks

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