Market Quarter

Sanction's Market Quarter takes up the southern quarter of the outer hub of the city. The souther Gate actually opens to what is know to some as Gold Alley. Then main street which runs from the gate to the inner wall gate which leads to the civil quarter is is the most traveled road in the world. because of this, the price of a store on this road can be over 10,000 gold. The cost is so high than many of the shops that are here do not stay, as it is difficult to recoup their investment. For those shops that are able to make a profit, they do so amazingly. By order of the Council, the main street boast Three Inns. The reason for this, is to keep thoes that need watching close by. When someone comes in the city, that the guards have reservation about they can offer a free night in one of those inns. The three are The Fire Brew Inn, the Skumbard Tavern and the popular Twin Flask Hall. Also along the main way some shops that have been around for a while include The Princely Image, a shop specializing in tailoring; Fragile Days, a glassware shop; and Azril's Candle Shop, one of the oldest shop in the City. Other places in the Market Quarter are:

Inn Alley - this street boasts nine inns, including the Adventurers Rest, the largest Tavern in the city, specializing in games of chance.
Sohei Sword - A weaponsmith who studied in the Style of Kahil the great. His masterwork peices are the best in the city, but he often has more orders than he can fill.
The Market Theater - A open theater in the spirit of the Sinat Bard school, which allows local troupes/musicians to use the theater with little or no charge. Every third day of the month the Acadamy of the Arts, Martial puts on a weapons display, looking for more students. Vendors sell small foodstuff here including Foster, who sells pale ale, knows as Fosters Beer, and a spiced sausage on a stick that is famous all over the world.
The mountain - Brasso, a ropemaker has built a game of types to entertain and display his cordage. It is a rock over 50 feet high that has handholds and footholds driven into it, which patron can use to reach the top. Anyone making it to the top and ringing the bell there wins a prize, though the attempts cost a half duke. For safety, while climbing participants wear a rope harness rigged by Brasso, and attached to a pulley, that will stop their fall if they misstep. Some climb the mountain just for the ride down on the rope.
Lover's Walk is a sculpture topiary garden that includes a hedge maze as well. It is large anough and lush enough it offers many small secluded places to talk, or plot.
A Perfect Match This shop specializes in pre-made clothing. The quality is not as good as a custom Tailor, but useful in a pinch. They have most human sizes. The owners, a married couple also act as consultants to the gentry on how to dress in style.
The Golden Thimble Owned by the tailor Dell, designer of the white ensemble made famous by the lord steward on his anointment, when the steward's necklace of office pinched his skin, therefore turning the clothes from the white ensemble to the white with a red streak ensemble. After that event, and Dell's attempted suicide, many of the cities noble's use his talents for their wardrobes.
The Healer's Spring This Fountain, said to have stopped working back in the Days of Averon, was never repaired. During Saint Alexander's trip through sanction, he paused at the broken fountain. Suddenly water sprang again from it, and has ever since, though engineers claim the source is dried up. Some say the spring has Healing properties, thought most know it is only pure water. A small statue has been put up in the saint's name.

Some personalities found in the Market Square include:
Squad Leader Atreus Kynes - This no-nonsense Guard member is responsible for the market quarter's Gold Alley, the most common entryway into the city. He take his position very seriously.
Lani Nightingale - A poet that can often be seen at the Market Theater.
Sohie - A warrior turned smith and owner of Sohei Swords. The small fellow does not look much like a smith, but his works are some of the best.
Oreo - this fool often wanders Gold alley and the rest of the market. His motley dress and jester's staff amuse children, while he earns a living copper by copper.
Twil Tagowa - Owner of the Adventurers rest and several other businesses. A charismatic woman who is popular among the young crowds.

Below are some rumors heard about the market square.

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