Lt Christoff Foss

My name is Christoff, you can just call me Chris. I am currently a tracker and a psionic being, my former position was to serve Queen and country as one of the elite Mirrored Lancers. I grew up in the kingdom of Lain. After the death of the old Queen my term of service was complete and I became a bounty hunter for higher. My latest mark was Durmont Kerlan of The Band Of The Red Fox. His crime was the death of a local girl, He did not commit this crime and in so being I could not complete my contract and bring in an innocent man. So I warned the band of a Squad of Mirrored Lancers waiting for them outside of the hamlet of Tory. And I threw my dice in with them after finding out the Commander of the squad sent to assist me in thier capture had planned to kill me, them, and he's troops. Unfortunetly, the entire squad was brought to it's end and the cowardly commander met a most gruseme demise at the hands of the band's mage throwing a boulder no man could lift on his own. Why am I still traveling with the band. Well an evil kabal of rakkasha are trying to take over the country I love and the band wishes to take them down. So now for Queen and Country I am helping the band.

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