Lord Archibold And Viceroy

Needing the help of harrenthal against the orcs, the band pledges thier help to Lord Commander Archibald. His son was accused by the High Inquisitor Imperious or evil sorcery and sent to the dungeon. A man whom Viceroy had had an argument with was dead, in ritualistic murder, and all eveidence pointed to Viceroy. However, even the questioner could not get viceroy to admit hsi guilt, yet. After some probing the band discovered that viceroy was indeed set up and the true culprit a cult wich practised dark magic in the the sewers of harrenhal. The accosted the cult to find its leader was actually Imperious, a marge of dark power. He fled but not before his identity was know to all as the one responsible for the killing, through use of a magic item that controls people actions. They destroyed the item and freed Viceroy, gaining the help of the Lord Commander against the orcs.

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