Lionel Vysguard

Father of Donovan Vysguard member of The Band of the Red Fox. Lionel fulfilled a dark destiny cursed upon his family by killing his father, Councilman Brent of Quagmire. He did this while traveling with several other adventurers. All of this was done to save his son still in the womb of Brent's wife. He left Donovan with a Keeper of Gilidan. His fate was the same as his father's Donovan killed him back in the city of Torf. This was nothing more then a misunderstanding as like with Brent even a pulled blow can kill.

The most notable feature was his crystal hand, after his own was removed by Corwene over the statuete of Kithiss

Lionel's allies and enemies included Fang, Konrad, Astor, Dudley, and a seeker of Gilidan whose name has been lost to the pages of The Great Library.

Lionel traveled many fantastic places including The Hall of Words.

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