Ley Lines And The Evolution Of Magic

This is a Treaty In the Works please forgive any stray ideas or misspellings

The Spellpool is one of the greatest sources of magical power on Nor, All of the Order uses it as do the elves and other races as well. This must create a tax on magical energy causing the pool to be weakened (In theory this does happen when a wizard specializes in thier chosen course of study, Lenok for example has no power in the ways of Evocation and Necromancy. I myself find disdain in the schools of transmutation and enchantment. Perhaps it is just by course of study but even so called generalist who practice all schools are weaker then thier focused counter parts we all lose something along the way to magical mastery.) While thier are "Archmages" at my tower as in Lenok too I am sure. Even they cannot represent True mastery of Magic while the Spellpool has it's limits.

This brings up the idea of adding more power to the pool. while true this would give the most edge to all, the inherent dangers of trifiling with as powerful an artifact as the spellpool surely out weigh and potential benefits. Some nay mst may not agree with me just as most don't agree that useing magic is a great resposibility and only done in times of great need. This is why I choose to limit my casting to when neccessary for if the pool were ever in such a state where is was empty when my companions and my life was on the line it could lead to truely disasterious results.

After my recent Success with planar energy manipulation this has lead me to futher study, for knowledge truely is power. Thier are four major types of ley lines

Type Notes Gem
Empheryl Diamond would be able to hold this energy
Earth Obsidian would be the most useful in this case
Shadow Onyx may prove the most useful
Tidal A pure pearl should show its use

Whith more advanced study in this field my hopes are to gain a greater understanding of magic firstly, and to allow myself access to my prieviously abandoned schools of Magic. My Hopes are that this will allow me to become a true archmage capable of feats of magic beyond the simple flashy Evocations I currently find myself limited to and relying on more and more. It seems as the trials and tribulations that my commarades and I keep discovering on what I once believed was a simple path.

My Theories on each of the energy types follows below


My initial thought is great power and very weak at opposing times. This energy would in theory be stronger during certin points of the day and weaker during others. Perhaps these energies change eve more drasticly depending upon a seasonal or astrological events based cycle.


Consistant and constant. ever renewing itself. this energy in theory would be avilable in most situations and most likely seeing the greatest use.


This quick gathering and quick disappearing energy is in constent flux from one spot to another ever shifting ever changing. Virtually unlimted in availability this energy would in theory prove most useful but i fear its fickle nature may well prove it's undoing.



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