Laurien was born in Condor to a Soldier father and a heartholder mother. Her father wanted a boy child, and when her mother birthed her, she could have no other. Her father then taught her as he would a son. When her father went to war and died, she pretended to ba a man and joined the army. She expected to die in the war, but instead she survived and actually saved the Heir from an enemy warrior. She was revealed in that act thoguht and was captured and thrown in prison. The king pardoned her and placed her in charge of the hier personal bodyguard. Free to learn the art of war, she studied night and day, and soon became a great warleader and one of the most acomplished swordsman ever. Some say that her skill with a blade was unequealed. There were rumors that she and the heir were lovers but before anything came of this, the heir and the royal family were assasinated. Laurien swore revenge and took Condor to war with Firton, where the Priest of Tahkene ruled. After a long and bloody battle, Laurien challeneged the high preistess to a battle one on one to determine the victor. The high preistess agreed and slew laurien, using just a sword. None know how she managed to best the Marshall, but rumors are that the marshall was under a spell, or perhaps heartbroken and wished to join her lover in death. others say she had grown tired of battle and wished an end. The most common agreed thought it was foolishness on her part. She had fought all day, many battles and was tired and weary. The high priestess watched from afar and was fresh and not a stranger to the sword. The oucome was assured from the start. After the death of Laurien Condor submitted to the rule of Tahkene.

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