Capitol: Dire Hold
Notable Settlements: Dire Hold
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Ruler: Sephrys
Government: Queedom
Language: Lanish
Religions: The One

Lain is a Queendom, ruled by a queen who does not age. It lies west of Condor, past the Dragonwall Mountains. It claims claims dominion from the south shore to the iceland in the north. In truth it only has strong influence in the south, where its major cities are. The Northern part of the region considers themselves "free" cities.

History: Much of the History of Lain is unknown. The space it occupies was once part of the Black Lands. One day, about 800 years ago, Lain just appeared. The legend is that it is from another world, and that the people of Lain, or its Queen did something to cause their whole country to get banished from the word they were in and they ended up in Nor. The people at the time had no memory of what had happened before they came to Nor. All record of their time before are gone, as if magically erased. Since then, the Queen has been doing her best to keep the Queendom safe and to find a place in the new world.

Notable Places:

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