Kull was a great warrior of the Kanatami Tribe, from north of the Icewall. While he never talked of his old tribe it is believe he was the last survivor of a Red Dragon attack.. What is know is that Kull traveled through a magical gate to appear on the plains south of Eroth. There he encounter the plainsmen who live i these grasslands. He earned a place amoung them and accepted as one of thier own. He was instrumental in the refounding of the country of Eroth, and was cheif of the hunting lion clan until his death. While he took no wife, every generation a boy is born with the blonde hair and blue eyes found only in the northern tribe. They name the boy Kull reborn and as he grows, he takes on the traits of the legendary warrior until he is so close, you could not tell them apart. He then takes his place as clan leader.

Fight like a man, not a cowarldy dog, or die like a slug. Either way I will rip off your manhood and wear it upon my spear. - Kull

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