Klaatu is one of the creatures known as ancients destroyers. The history of these beings are a mystery, but the few that are known have been nigh unstoppable. The Garadegean, Glocku, the Elemental, the Red Dragon Tyraxus, and others. Like them Klaatu has gained great power of destruction, unlike any other creature of its kind.
Klaatu is a powerful Eye Tyrant, whose purpose is the destruction of all living things on Nor, as far as anyone can tell. While it may be much older, the first known historical recording of Klaatu was shortly before the Ascension. If the creature lived before that it stayed to the southern lands. About 80-100 years before ascension, Klaatu came north, to what is now called Aranthar. Its reign of destruction lasted for years before Gilidan himself imprisoned the beast in a powerful Globe of Ice and hurtled it into the vast darkness beyond. Stories say though that in his infinite wisdom, Gilidan knew that one day Klaatu may redeem himself so he arranged for Klaatu's prison to return to earth periodically, where he would have a change to renounce his evil ways. He has not done so yet, so each time his prison is returned to the vast darkness.

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