Kicker Of Elves

Knowing that Donovan’s life is in danger, the band seeks to find the elves responsible for want to kill the heir of Alandra. Talking around the city they discover that there are several elves of importance in the city. Dangril Starflower was the most important. He is head of the Elven Trade Consortium. The elves in the city have a portal which leads them outside of the vale, though to where is unknown. Through it they are able to get rare and expensive item, which can not be grown in the vale, nor obtained from Bornehold. Because of this these elves hold considerable power in the city with the nobles who have the money to spend on such things. Beside Dangril, are several other important elves. Triel an elven entrepreneur. Not much is know about him save that he owns the tavern called Keseco. An elven word meaning Spy. He seems to make enemies every time he meet someone new, but strangely enough still has considerable influence. Even the other members of the consortium do not care for him much. Rounding the consortium is Solindar Greenholm, who is constantly trying to gain more power than Startower. Last are Belesi Amber, and Sil Velinil, twin brothers, though there names are different. A rarity among elves, so rare it is almost unknown. Belesi and Sil are both rich and powerful and love any type of distractions, Hedonist by definition.

As soon as the band started making inquiries an invitation to an elaborate party was delivered for Red, and one guest. She chose Durmont, strangely enough, and dressed to the nines. Startower is a collector of songs and tales, and often invite bard to perform for him, so this was not an unusual request, but the band remained wary. Meanwhile the rest of the team went to find out some more things. First the consortium had in their employ an assassin of great skill. Anyone causing too much trouble would fall to this “elfshadow” and the guards had not been able to find him or tie him in any concrete way to the consortium. Also there were stories that in the slums section of the city, people were disappearing, abducted by a seven foot elf, and built like an ogre. Not many took the stories seriously, but the band actually witness an abduction, and arrived only moment too lat to find the culprit. There was however a trace of a blue glowing liquid that smelled of a rare flower called valiessi.

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