3rd in command in service to the Shadow

an excerpt from the journal of Galin Wyse, Sage of Eroth - Twin Suns, 562

Kialithon is one of the most powerful of all the shadow Lords. Only B'Alzemon and Sammal sit above him in the service of the Shadow. In all my research I have not been able to find much on this "shadow" demon. I believe that Kialithon, was at one time a normal Glabrezu, from the lower planes of Hell. I am not sure why, but for some reason The Nameless One, a major power of the pantheon of Nor, granted Kialithon special powers. Glabrezus have always fed off of fear. The Nameless One gave Kialithon power over shadows, and allowed him free reign in the lands of Nor. With his new found power and freedom he gathered together armies of the creatures of darkness, and scoured all of the southern Aranthar. He might have succeeded with conquering the whole continent, untill I and some friends of mine, known as the Shadow Hunters, put an end to him. This was difficult however. Kialithon not only has his own demonic powers, but also has been granted power over shadows by the Nameless One. In order to defeat him, we had to recover the Stone of Light, one of the Seven Stones of Power , and travel deep into his hidden lair, and face him down. Demons are very resistant to magic. The light stone, kept him disoriented and sapped his powers. Then we took the battle to him and slayed his demonic form. Being a true demon, this did not kill him, but rather it banished him from Nor for 777 years.

Kialithon is a true demon, and can call upon all the powers of the plane of hell. As far as I know, he cannot summon more fiends, but instead can summon creatures of shadow. For some reason, protective circles cannot stop him, (I do not know the reason why this is) He is vulnerable to light of the sun, but only sunlight. Unlike some other creatures of darkness, artificial light, and magical light, will not affect him. Only the light of the sun, or magic, using this light has any chance to make the demon vulnerable

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