Journey To Seaport

The journey to seaport was frought with danger. After hearing about the caravans not making any trip because of danger on the road, the PC decided to take a look on thier way. They discovered that the reason the road had become so dangerous was that Trik and Torg had taken it upon themselves to tax the road. They have some help in the form of two Large ogers. After attemping to rid the world of said beasts and realizing that said beasts do not want to be rid of, they ran. They made thier way into the hill and discovered a bunch of barrows.

Strange spirit assaulted them in the night, telling thier tale of woe, and the story of Ev'naral. The elven city, which once held the barrows, when thier occupants still lived. After finding a horn, which caused the entire hill to erupt with the dead buried there, raised back to a semblance of life, they destroyed the evil undead. After the last zombie was destroyed they discovered a previously untouched barrow. They proptly investigated and realized the inhabitant was still around though not as lively as he once was. He attacked them as a spirit, but they were able to drive him off and lay his soul to rest. The tomb held a few treasures which they rescued from futeure looters.

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