Jediiayah Vorelyn

Jediiayah was a high elf from the land of Elvenhome. He was a carpenter that was very skilled in the working of wood.His workshop was an extravagant place of beauty filled with wooden carvings. He was not oly proficient in art, but also in building home and buildings. He was sought after for many projects. One night tragedy struck. and Jediiayah's workshop caught fire. Many of his neighbors came to help but by the time thay put the fire out, his place has burned down, and the loss was even greater, for his wife and youngest son had died in the blaze. His family and friend consoled him and promised to help help him rebuild his life, but he had lost his best friend of 70 years. His life mate, his wife, as well as his most beloved, yougest. He was also a proud elf. He could see the pity on the faces of thoes around him. He knew they meant well, but thier sorrow was too much for him. He left Elvenhome, and went north, to a city he had heards about. Years ago, he was not yet an adult, a human came to the city. that human was Sir Robert Drake. He spoke of a city where people could live free, judged by thier actions, and not by the circumstance of thier birth. A place where every good being could find a home. He took his children and headed for Eroth. He arrived and found the city guards and government welcoming. He found a place he could call home, but he never expected what happened next. Now Jadiiayah's skill as a carpenter was great, even in his own land. He studied the craft for over 100 years. Yet, when he looked for work, he found he was not given the oppurtunity. Thoes building homes would go with humans, regardless of thier skill. Many times Jadiiayah was turned away, work given to a lesser craftsman, because of the shape of his ears. He felt he had found his place, if only he was given the oppurtunity. Jed went to the Bearclaw builders and asked for work, and was turned down, a nother human being taken on instead, but this time Jed did not go quietly. He asked the craftmaster why he had not been chosen, and was given the answer the human, had been a better choice. Jed issues a challenge. He asked that he and the human worked on a building together, each working one side. If the human were more skilled, jed would leave, and not even get paid for his work. But if he did the better job, he would get the work. The craftmaster agreed, and the contest was on. The human was skillfull, but his decade of practice could not compete with the century of learning that Jed had. Jed finished in half the time, and what he had done was a better qualiy and even used less supplies. The crafter sent the human home. Now Bear Claw has 12 elves working for them. Thanks to thier willingness to give Jediiayah a chance, and his preseverance, he gave himself and other like him a step in the door.

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