Jasmin Oakridge

Jasmin Oakridge was 14 when she met the soldiers of Condor her life snuffed out painfully and for no true reason, just as a message. Her brother Corvin Still cannot understand why they would do such things, why.

"May the angels lead the way to the greater glory you deserve, for the heavens will be warmed with your presence. Fate has been too cruel to you may the Gods make up for it in Heaven…"
~Corvin Oakridge Phoenix 1 1622

"I will always miss your constant teasing and light laughter. My heart aches to know that I will never have another person like you to talk my hearts ailments with. Many times have you brightened my day when I thought all else was lost. The angles shall come and take you in their embrace as you once did to me. Their warm embrace will be a constant reminder that your brothers love you and miss you dearly…"
~Rydell Pheonix 1 1622

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