Incara, located west of Lain, and south of the Black Lands, covers most of the southern central portion of East Aranthar. It is a region mostly of Barren Desert and crowded cities near sources of water, like the river sphinx.

Incara is one of the oldest civilizations on Nor. It predates the Praxite Invasion, and survived the genocide that wiped out most of the planet's people. Very little is know about the region before the Praxite invasion, but it is believed by the local that the people who lived there were brought to the land in giant flying pyramids by the Ak' Hala. Where they came from before that is a mystery. The first city of Incara, Garet. was ruled by Amon Neb Zulith. He was said to be a descendant of the Ak' Hala and has great powers. His greatest supporters were given wealth and power, while the rest of the city's inhabitants were little more than slaves Backed by Ak' Hala Magic, he ruled for over a thousand years. Neb Zulith had very little regards for the people who lived in Garet, and demanded that they build large monument to his greatness. He survived several attempts on his life and punished the people of Garet for them.
Some Incaranologists believe that the building of the monuments had an ulterior motive. The noticed a pattern, not in the placement of the pyramids, or monoliths, but in the quarries used to gather the stone for the projects. They say the real purpose was to dig deep into Nor in search of something for Neb Zulith's Ak' Hala Masters. If fact it is said that after many years of searching he did not find what they were looking for, and he was killed for his failure. What is known is that on the day Neb Zulith died, from no apparent reason, the Ak' Hala pyramid that flew over Garet left, and was never seen again.
After Neb Zulith's death his son rose to the throne. Although the Ak' Hala left, their power was still strong in the royal family, and Zulith Nur could do things that other Incarans could not. It was he that decided that Garet could not remain alone in this wilderness and started a great expansion period which lasted through three successive Amons. Each Amon possessed the power of the Ak' Hala and lived much longer life spans that normal humans, but none as long as Neb Zulith.
During this Time Incara stretched all the way from the Thorodon mountains to the Dragonspine covering much of what is Lain and the free cities today. Incara thrived for another 1000 years through the reign of the Mord'kai and the Praxite invasion. When the new gods cleansed the world, driving the Praxites out, their followers came to Incara and brought word of them. Until this time, the Incarans had only worshiped the Gods of the Ak' Hala. There was a great awakening of the Incaran people, as contact with other nations brought new ideas and resources. The Incarans were especially interested in the worship of Hebescus, whose magic seems to resemble that of the Ak' Hala.
It was also during this time that the great power of the Amon seemed to dwindle. As magic was brought tot he Incaran people, the Amons did not seem as all powerful. This caused many of them to seek out new sources of magic, to maintain their hold on their people while some embraced the change, becoming more in line with the goals of the Incaran Commoners. Conflict between members of the royal Family were not uncommon.
As Incara Grew, it attracted the attention of a little known buy powerful island nation to the south called Sinia. Sinia, Whose rulers held alliances with powerful Genies, was becoming overcrowded, and had seen what Incara had done with the southern part of it land, very unlike the rest of the desert which it claimed. It sent Spies to Incara to sow dissent, and increase the tension between the Amon, and they Attacked. Incara, not expecting the attacked lost much of the land south of the desert to Sinia. From there a long war dragged on for over a hundred years. As Incara wasted it limited resources it began to lose its hold on it's cities, and many of them were reclaimed by the desert, or annexed by Lain who was also coming to power.
The war finally came to and when Amon Kerzon traveled deep into the inner planes and enlisted the help of the Great Elementals. The Genie Lords and Elemental Kings have always had a great animosity toward each other, and have long warred over the dominion of the inner Planes. They agreed to help the Amon, and while Incara warred on the southern banks of Aranthar, The great Elementals attacked on Sinia's Home island. Now facing a threat on two fronts, Sinia abandoned the battle fo take Incara, and turned toward its internal attackers. So great was the betrayal, though, that even today Sinia still has not recovered and a large section of it's islands has free reigning elementals.
Incara had also not fared well, losing much in the war. Not only did it have to deal with it's losses to battle, and used up resources, but during the war several dark cults around evil Gods had emerged. It was one of these cults that unleashed a terrible curse upon Kadep home of Amon Kerzon. Not only did it wiped out almost the entire city, but also Zerzon's quest for power to reclaim the might of the Ancient Amons caused the detruction of the entire Royal Family leaving the people of Incara leaderless.
Without strong leadership and never recovering from the resources lost to the great war, Incara never recovered. It slowly dwindled to a desert nation made of of several small cities and wandering nomad, roaming the large crumbling structures that were a testament to Incara's one time greatness.
Recently, a man has come to Incara, claiming that he is a descendant of the Royal Family. Amon Khamet III, claimed that not all of the Royal family had been killed but some had gone into hiding, hoping for the day where they could return. A prophesy spoken during the height of the Plague of Madness claimed that a new Amon would be born who would lead the people of Incara to a new age of Greatness. Amon Khamet III says that his birth was part of the Junda Prophesy and those who served his family knew it, so to protect him they brought him to Sinia, where they knew enemies of the Royal Family would never look for him. There he grew up, knowing that one day he would return. He claims that it is time for Incara to be reborn and take its rightful place among the great nations of Nor.

The Prophesy of the Return.

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