Ideas Lightining Mace

Lightining Mace Style

Awaiting Final Approval

Path of Least Resistance (Style)
Pre Req: WF:Light Mace, TWF
Benefit: As part of a full attack action you can apply a -2 penalty to your primary attack and recieve a +2 Bonus on your off hand attack.

Positive Charge (Style)
Pre Req: WF: Light Mace, TWF BAB+3
Benefit: When Performing a Full Attack Action you may apply your full Str Bonus to your off hand mace strikes

Lighting Strikes Twice (Style)
Pre req: Path of Least Resistance BAB+3
Benefit: You may make an additional attack at your highest attack bonus with your primary hand. All attacks this round recieve a -3 Penalty to hit

Lighting Shakes The Ground (Style)
Pre Req: Positive Charge BAB +5
Benefit: If You hit with both your primary and off hand maces you have a chance to unbalance your foe. After hitting with both maces you force your opponet to make a DC 10+1/2 Char lvl + Dex mod Balance check or fall prone.

Negitive Charge (Style)
Pre Req: Positive Charge, Combat Expertise BAB+6
Benefit: For every shot the enemy takes at you in melee combat that misses you recieve a cumalitive +2 to hit during your next round. You Lose your Str Mod on damage rolls untill the begining of the turn following this feat

Lightining Strikes Thrice (Style) (Mastery)
Pre Req: Path of Least Resistance, Positive Charge, Lightining Strikes Twice, Lighting Shakes The Ground, Negative Charge
Benefit: You Can recieve an additional attack at your highest attack bonus by giving up your str bonus on damage rolls

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