House Rules

The first thing to realize when playing in Nor, is that it is a story campaign. Roleplaying and combat are important but the entire game revolves around story. At the end of each session I want it to feel like you just read/wrote a chapter in a novel. Because if this I do not like rules and classes that are there just for the sake of a cool new power or to have a divine version of the rogue, or for any other reason that is purly mechanical. In the same vein, This doesn't mean the class is out automatically. It just means there needs to be a reason why the class would come about.

When it comes to house rules, I try to use as little as possible. They are always chosen with regards to the current campaign. In the campaign currently running, it is very low magic, so many of my house rules will deal with that.

Rules always in effect

Rule #1. In game issues

In game issues. This rule is the most important one that I have. During the game any questions or disagreements about rules will be decided by the DM there and then. This is in effect no matter who is DMing. There are no arguments or discussions. If you wish to come after the game and show where a ruling was wrong that is fine, but stopping the game to argue about a rule will get your character killed at the least or you kicked out of the game at the most. I usually have 7 people playing. That means when you have an issue 6 other people stop having a good time so you can get your point across. I will not have them sit and listen while you argue. This is the only house rule that will not be changed and there will be no discussion about. Please also remember that the dm is putting together a story and is trying to make it interesting and fun. Because of this npcs, and monsters may do things that are not normal or consistent with your understanding of the rules. Sometimes you will attempt something that does not work in the way you think the rules say it does. In these cases there may be an in game reason. Think of the difference from your character's point of veiw. Instead of arguing about how the spell is supposed to work differently, your character should be looking for a reason it did not work the way he intended.

Rule #2. Classes, Prestige Classes, feats, spells, etc.

In keeping with the spirit of the campaign, not all are just readily available. When it comes to core classes I look at balance and then story. First is the class balanced with others; then is there a reason for the class. With most core classes the reason is easy to find, but some of them (The wilder comes to mind) I can't see any purpose for. If a class is there just to give some mechanical bonus, of to allow access to a cool power, but dose not fit in the campaign I will disallow it.

Most Core Stuff is allowed, but there are some changes to classes that are not fully documented. Check with me on the class you are playing. Also the use of DM Genie, does cause a few snags. Example Classes that no one has ever played need some time to prep, as I have to script them in the program. Its best to let me know as early as possible what you want to play.

Prestige classes are a bit more controlled. The only prestige classes cleared for play are in the prestige class section. There are already stories associated with each of these and they have a predetermined place in the game. It doesn't mean these are the only prestige classes you can play, only that these are available without approval or work by the player. If a you as a player want to take a class not on the list than it has to go through an approval process. This seems a lot more complicated then it is. If it is a non story class like the thief acrobat, than I only look at it from a balance standpoint. As long as it dose not have anything major that will unbalance things, it will be approved. If it is a class that fits a niche. then the player is responsible for determining how the class came about and where it fits in to the world. A good example are the Vigilant Knight of Kerius. One of my players wanted to play a holy knight of the chalice. The class seemed balanced and he came up with a story about how the class came to be, the organization they are a part of, and how they fit into the world today. We approved the class, change the name to make it fit in the campaign, and it is now approved for anyone else who wishes to play it.

As for feats, spells, powers, etc It is a balance and campaign issue. Check with me before you take them.

Rule #3 Magic Item Rules

  • Energy Weapons If an Item is already enchanted with an energy type (ex Flaming longsword) any additional spells of effect that would add to that does not take effect, even if it would give a higher bonus.
  • Magic Item Prerequisites If you do not have a spell needed etc, the penalty is based on the perquisite missing and the effects of the item. This is at the DM discretion, and will not be disclosed. (Take the chance or making a cursed item)

Rule #4 Changing your character

There are times when the character you think would be a blast to play, isn't. Sometimes it is do to the way he leveled, or the mechanical choices. Sometimes it has to so with the role-playing choices of story. If it is mechanical, let me know, we can change things. I am more of a story DM and am not concerned with scores, and abilities and those types of things. As long as your choices are not overshadowing everyone else then I am fine with things. Story I am a bit more concerned about. The world has functioned so well, I think because of its consistency. I have played in game where what you did three weeks ago had no bearing on the current week. I never liked those games, and try to run a game that is different. This mean I will not rewrite story for a character. If your character is not fun because of decision made during a game, or because of the way your role-played him, you have a choice. Change in game, or scrap the character (Handing him to me as an NPC), and start a new one. The new character will usually start out the same level as the rest of the party, but with no extra XP in that level, putting you somewhat behind. No one should have to play a character they are not having fun with. If you are, please let me know.

Other House Rules

Alternate Healing Rules - Using the heal skill and magical herbs.
Hero Points - We are using the Hero Point system from the APG
Plot Points - Points that can be uses to change the narrative in small ways.

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