House Of Scholars

The House of Scholars is an organization in Freeport devoted to the acquisition and spreading of knowledge. Its members believe that knowing how the world works is the key to fulfilling one's potential, and thus to being able to influence the world in whatever way one desires. In pursuit of this, they travel the world, seeking to learn whatever they can about important and interesting things.

The organization makes most of its own money from creating and selling maps, encyclopedias and travel guides to the merchants and other travellers of Freeport - reliable and up-to-date information about foreign lands is very important to such people, and they are usually willing to pay substantial amounts of money for it.

Many people join the organization because they want to learn about the world in order to make it a better place. Others join because they believe knowledge is the key to wealth, and that the group can provide them with the ability to earn more money than they thought possible.

The House maintains a growing library in Freeport, filled with the information collected from all over the world by its traveling members. This library is not yet the equal of that maintained by the Temple of Gildean in the city, but it does contain more books about the world outside Freeport. This extensive collection of books about all manner of things has made the library the place to go for those seeking to know more about the world around them.

Many wealthy people in Freeport have come to rely on the House's supply of information about their foreign suppliers and markets, and have donated generous sums of money to the organization. Some of this is reflected in its new headquarters, a smart marble building in the heart of the Noble's District of Freeport, but the organization proudly proclaims its commitment to using most of the money to further fund its development. This usually means paying travellers to document their experiences and return the manuscripts to the Library of Scholars, which has become filled with the diaries of tourists, merchants and adventurers from all over the world.

The organization was founded by Lady Elizabeta Venda Sua Alma, a beautiful and charismatic noblewoman who arrived in Freeport a few years ago. She proudly supports learning in all its forms, and funds a number of small schools in the poorer parts of the city. Many students from these schools have become loyal supporters and employees of the House, helping it to grow and fund ever more research activities. It aspires to open branches in other cities, and perhaps even to supply scholars to local temples.

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