Home Coming

Well for now it seems that we have made Sanction our new home … we are currently renting a three story home in the residential district. with a total of 9 bedrooms I can't help but wonder why Jak has three Edris has three and Tharin, Arthas, Careem, and myself are sharing one floor. Not that it matters I have a room to reside in and an area to start prepairing remedies while it is expensive some of these may actually have a chance of selling on the open market and helping those in need. I think in the off season I may try this route. Cadwyn is only 10 days away while that is a distance it is not a horriably long one. and who knows what herbs grow locally around here. our adventuring will take us near the great forest of eroth and maybe more can be found there.

On other notes I am going to start relying more on my inborn talents and not on external str I think im gonna retire the Kayhill Blades and start using the power of my mind more …

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