Holly Oakridge

A 4 year old child slain by the soldiers of Condor. burned alive while grasping despretly to her stuffed teddy, all that remained of the childs favorite toy was the small pieces of crystal her brother Corvin sewn into the toy after it had lost it's bead eyes. These charred crystals were the only thing Corvin took from the ruins of his family home.

"It is not fair that they took you, unholy crime you were taken long before your prime. Darkest days of hell are with us, with out your angel face to gift us. When time has come and we meet again, you will now that your brothers care till our bitter end…"
~Corvin Oakridge Phoenix 1 1622

"The days seem darker as a shadow falls upon my heart and I can’t help but think that this world has died that much more without your loving face to grace it. The sounds of your laughter do not touch my ears anymore but in my heart they will be there always…"
~Rydell Phoenix 1 1622

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