Sul S Tears

Folk Names: Wound Wart, or Aaron's Rod


Gender: Feminine

Celestial Sign: Rhea and Sost

Element: Earth

Deities: Sul

Rareity: Rare

Natural Environment: Areas withabundent sunlight and a temeperate climate

Powers: This plant is a gift from the goddess Sul, and was first discoverd by a herbalist in the villiage of Kor near Emik. A vision is said to have brought him to the highest hill in the resion where he found this plant and used it to cure a mortally wounded soldier back to health.

Ritual Use:

Herbal Properties

Herb Identification: Knowledge (Nature) DC: 15

Max DC: 25

Remedy Creation: Essence

Delivery Methods Available: Salve

Cost: 60gp per plant.

If other, Properties:

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