King S Cross

Folk Names: Queen's Crown, Heir of the Land

Gender: Neutral/Asexual

Celestial Sign: The Crown

Element: Air

Deities: Grazon

Rareity: Rare

Natural Environment: Wild fields in warm climates are the typical home to this herb

Powers: This herb has proved in valuable in saving those from the touch of Diabolos and a poisioned assassins blade.

Ritual Use: Often times a bed of this herb is found beneath the body of high nobility as a show of respect for the dead.

Herbal Properties The essence of this herb is said to be useful in the treatment of disease

Herb Identification: Knowledge (Nature) DC: 17

Max DC: 20

Remedy Creation: Essence

Delivery Methods Available: Ingestant

Cost: 35GP per plant

If other, Properties:

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