Hordrid S Toungue

Folk Names:Yellow Snowdrop, Dog's Tooth Violet


Gender: Feminine

Celestial Sign: Kerit

Element: Water

Deities: Keribus

Powers: When used to treat bruises, soak in water wrap in a clean blue cloth and apply to the bruised area. when the herb grows warm remove and bury the herb in a muddy place. The wound will be cured.

This well known herb is used in the creation of Medium Healing Salve

Ritual Use:

Herbal Properties

Herb Identification: Knowledge (Nature) DC: 17 Moist regions especially near bodies of fresh water find this plant as home

Max DC: 20

Cost: 25gp per plant

Remedy Creation: N/A

Delivery Methods Available: Salve

If other, Properties:

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