Hatch Shade

Folk Names: Deadly Night

Gender: Male

Celestial Sign: The Void

Element: Air

Deities: Hatch

Rareity: Uncommon

Natural Environment: Dark places near fresh water

Powers: // This plant is a useful aid to healers as the correct doiasge will force a patient to sleep while bones are being set or surgery is being performed//

Ritual Use:

Herbal Properties

Herb Identification: Knowledge (Nature) DC: 17

Max DC: 20

Remedy Creation: Essence

Delivery Methods Available: Ingestant

If other, Properties: One dose of Hatch shade can make a dose of "Sleeping Draught" for one medium sized creature two doses if larger etc. While Using the appropriate quanty of hatch shade poses no threat using too much can slow the breathing to nothing causing the inhibitor to enter a coma like state before perishing of aspheyxiation use with extreme caution.

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