This Strange fruit is found mostly in water filled caves and rarely ponds. It only grows underwater and has a very volatile nature. When dry, the berry bursts into flame. The only safe way to store nd carry it is in water filled containers. It is used in some rare wine. If crushed while submerged, the pulp can be used in other liquid recipes. It has a Cinnamon-like taste but also a sharp heat to it.
It is a food source for creatures immune to fire, as no other animal can eat it. To find it one only has to look for the red leafy vines that grow up out of the water and clings to the rocks. The vines will flow down under water to small nodules containing 3-5 berries each.

Element: Fire

Deities: Derrilyn, Twilmeril

Check to identify: DC 17


Ritual Use: Can be used as a power component for summoning fire type creatures. Also uses in religious ceremonies to Derrilyn and the Sacred Flame

Herbal Use: It is said a master healer can use the Herb to cure a rare disease which burns people from the inside, and can also use it to bring down really high fevers, but has a greater chance of harming the patient.

Herbal Properties

Tier: Three

Price: 20GP a berry. In some places up to 100gp a berry.

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