Folk Names: Hollunder, Lady Ellhorn, Alhuren

Gender: Feminine

Celestial Sign: The Lovers

Element: Water

Deities: Derrilyn

Rareity: Uncommon

Natural Environment: Forest in temperate regions

Powers: Worn Elder is said to ward attacks of every kind, hung over a doorway to ward evil, It is also said to force an evil magician to break any charms or enchanments upon you. The berried can protect against negitive energy. Burning Elder wood is said to carry a curse and many of the Rom forbid it's use as a fire wood. Used in the creation of magical wands and staves.

Ritual Use:

Herbal Properties

Herb Identification: Knowledge (Nature) DC: 19 to find useable piecies of the tree

Max DC: 30

Remedy Creation: Essence

Delivery Methods Available: Salve

Cost: 125gp per plant

If other, Properties:

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