Astra is a plant known for medicinal purposes. Caracterized by a 5 point leaf this potent plant can be used in numerous herbal remedies.


This plant is known to be found in Condor specificly in the area of Cadwyn Forest.

Folk Names:Holy Herb, Mountain Balm, Sacred Herb

Gender: Feminine

Celestial Sign: None

Element: Water

Deities: Sul

Powers: This plant has been carried to improve or attain beauty, an infusion added to bath water is said to provide the same. The leaves have been used as a ward against injury and illness when worn around the neck. It is also carried for spiritual strength, to increase psychic powers, and to protect the bearer This well known herb is used in the creation of Superior Healing Salves

Ritual Use:

Herbal Properties

Herb Identification: Knowledge (Nature) DC: 28

Max DC: None

Remedy Creation: N/A

Delivery Methods Available: Salve

Creation DC: N/A

Use DC: N/A

Price: 125GP per plant.

If other, Properties:

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