Herbal Remedies

To restore vitality to a patient these remedies are the most effective.

Minor Healing Salve

Light Healing Salve

Moderate Healing Salve

Serious Healing Salve

Critical Healing Salve

Healing Salve

Greater Healing Salve

To help treat a diseased patient these remedies are helpful

Minor Balm

Light Balm

Moderate Balm

Serious Balm

To help rid the body of stronger diseases simple balms are not enough so there are treatments for these

Disease Treatment

Rare Disease Treatment

Exotic Disease Treatment

For victims of poisoning there are ointments to draw out the posion and full treatments to help restore damaged tissue

Minor Ointment

Light Ointment

Moderate Ointment

Serious Ointment

Treatments are as follows

Venom Treatment

Toxin Treatment

Vile Treatment

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