Heather Oakridge

Heather was 16 when she perished in the flames of the soldiers of Condor. The reason she was killed is the soldiers were looking for her brothers Corvin and Rydell. She was to be proposed to by the eldest son of the wealthiest family in Dansic. Saddly that will never happen now.

"May the Gods and Goddesses bless you and rush you to thier bosum, may you bask in the glory of the hereafter and never want for a thing again. You are an Angel and an inspiration. We shall never forget …"
~Corvin Oakridge Phoenix 1 1622

"It is not fair that a heart as big as yours has been ended without truly loving all that you deserved to love. Your compassion and love will be with us always…"
~Rydell Phoenix 1 1622

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