Half Orcs

To understand a half-orc one has to spend a little time talking about orcs. Orcs, are the crowning achievement of Takhene. They are strong, resilient, Intelligent enough to follow orders and easy to make. Yes, Orc are made, not born. They are spawned actually. There are stories about orc taking captives, men and women, but no one has ever seen an orc have slaves. Nor do orcs eat humans. Orc use there captive to power their spawning pits. The rest of the process is a topic for another discussion, however it is important to know that there are no Orc Females.
Orcs are also very bestial in nature. This makes them great warriors, but terrible soldiers. They will work together towards a common goal, but if that goal is not in front of them, they can turn on themselves. Another thing about orcs is their violent nature. If they do not have a task that occupies them, they will look to find ways to cause violence. A strong leader can intimidate them into doing as he wishes, but only as long as he is stronger then the other.

This is where Half Orcs come in. Servants of Tahkene have bred orcs with humans in an attempt to create a being strong enough to keep the orcs in line, but also able to control his inner nature enough to lead them to a purpose. Thus the Life of a half-orc is a constant struggle to control the violent beast inside of him.

Half Orcs are always born or an Orc Male and a Human female. The birth results in the death of the mother 99% of the time, and those that live through the process not only suffer greatly, but are said to be changed somehow. 80% of those born to orc and human parent are males. While few females are born, most are killed right away as they do not have the ability to lead the others. (Orcs will never follow a female, no matter how strong). If they do survive, they lead a piteous life of nonacceptance anywhere. Half-orc female are also always sterile.

From the day of its birth a Half-Ocr is in a constant battle with it's nature. Its instincts are to fight and kill. A young half-orc grow very fast compared to a human and in just a year will be big enough to take care of itself. Until then, it must rely on someone else to take care of it. Most are raised by priest of tahkene, but there are stories of family of human or other good races that take them hoping to teach them moral values. Most of those stories end in tragedy.
After 1 year, a Half orc will act much like a rambunctious human child. He will be very hard to control, or guide. He is interested in two thing, food, and causing violence. These tendencies can be controlled by those raising the half- orc by showing strength. A young half-orc can even seem cowed and obedient. At the age of 7 or eight, the half orc enters a growth spurt unlike any human. in just 5 short year he will reach his full strength and size. He will be smaller then a normal orc, but larger and stronger than most adult humans. Around 12 is when it can be a very dangerous time for anyone raising a half-orc. Although full sized, their minds have not fully matured yet, and they undergo a period or wildness. They are prone to random acts of spectacular violence, while the test the strength or those raising them. Even if they had been previously cowed, and seemed docile. The change can come on suddenly. One morning the half orc can wake and decide to kill everyone in the house. He may not even be trying to cause their deaths but his nature demands he test his strength against them. If his family survives the initial change, he will almost always have to leave, as this nature will keep exerting itself over the next year.
The rest of the life of the Half-orc if filled with the struggle or his human heritage against his more violent nature. Half orc are very prone to losing their temper and striking out at even those close to them. Because of this they tend to be loners. Even a half orc that feels in complete control of himself may one day feel an unquenchable anger rise in him. He will often find a secluded place away from people to let the rage out.

Half orc raised by the priest of tahkene are constantly forced to submit to their will. The priest use magic to cause pain and control the Half Orc. They train them to use their strength to control others. They teach them about battle and war, but always remind them that they are weaker than their priest caretakers and subservient to them. Often these half-orc find themselves leaders among orc, where they can engage fully in their violent nature. Their intelligence allow them to best other orc even if they may not be as physically strong.


There are no Half-orc lands. Most half-orcs live in Condor or the Black Lands, and in the wilds where orcs roam. There are rumors of half-orc villages made of of only these half breeds who learn to live with each other and help each other control their urges, but they may be just a myth.


Half orc can worship any god but most follow Thakene as their creator

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