Grue are fearsome fey creatures that live on the plane of Shadow. They hunt in the deepest parts of the plane, where the darkness is the strongest. No one is really sure what a Grue looks like as no one has seen one and lived. Grue like to travel in search of lone wanderers, venturing too far in the darkness of the plane. They attack by surprise and leave no evidence of their existence. Their victims disappear without a trace.
While no one has ever seen a Grue there are various stories that mention their existence such as the Fey Tales of the Brother's Grim, and a Shadow Hunters guide to the Darkness. There are also stories among the fey about them.

There are also tales, that in some places, where the Plane of Shadow bleeds into the material plane, it is possible for a Grue to cross the boundary into our plane in search for victims. This can only be done in the darkest of places and also where there is some connection to the Fey. It is not uncommon for a mother who lives too close to a Fey Forest to tell their children, "Don't go out into the dark, or you might be eaten by a Grue."

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