Gold Knight Of Eroth

Base Attack: +11
Alignment: Lawful Good
Must have levels in Silver Knight.

Hit Dice: d10
Skill Points: 2 + int mod

Lvl BAB Fort Ref Will Abilites Spells
1 +1 0 0 2 Channel Energy, Inspire Courage +2 -
2 +2 0 0 3 Spells, Mercy 1
3 +3 1 1 3 Inspire Courage +3 2
4 +4 1 1 4 Bonus Feat 3
5 +5 1 1 4 Inspire Courage +4 4

Channel Energy: See the Cleric ability. The knight uses his combines knight levels to determine the number of times this may be used and the amount healed.

Mercy A gold knight may choose from the following mercies as well as any form earlier levels/classes.
• Blinded: The target is no longer blinded.
• Deafened: The target is no longer deafened.
• Paralyzed: The target is no longer paralyzed.
• Stunned: The target is no longer stunned.

Inspire Courage: The Gold Knight can rally his companion to the battle as a standard action. All of his allies within 30' gain a Moral Bonus of +1 to Hit and Damage. This bonus goes up to +2 at level 3 and +3 at Level 5. This bonus last 1 round per level.

Bonus Feats: See Fighter Feats

Spells: A Gold knight cast divine spells as a cleric. He has access to all spells of a level he can cast. A Gold knight uses his Wisdom bonus to determine the level of spells he can cast, saving throws and bonus spells. Caster Lvl is the Sum of all Knight Lvls.

Spell List Break Enchantment,Holy Sword, Dispel Evil, Cure Serious Wounds, Remove Curse, Prayer, Magic Cirlce against Evil, Dispel Magic, Shield Other, Restoration, Righteous Might

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