Other names:Twil, Lady Luck, Mistress of Fortune, Misteress of Misfortune


Symbols: Swastika
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Luck, Fortune, spontinuity

Favored Weapon: Rapier

Common Worshippers: Those who like adventure, gamblers, people who like to take chances, adventurers

History: Twilmeril and Kiril were mortal sisters. They ascended with the Red Circle. Twil was always off doing what ever struck her fancy, and never taking responsibility for her actions.

Philosophy: Life is a random series of events. Even if you try to change your chances, it usually get fouled up anyway. Better to live your life as it come and not worry about what can happen. Things are not planned out, and if they are, you don't know what will happen, so might as well treat them as they are not.

Dogma: Worry not about the how, only the now. Try not to plan too much, as it will tend to fall apart anyway. Train yourself to react to life rather than try to force it to go your way.

Places of Worship: Twil is one of the most worshipped gods especially by adventurers. There are many shrine to her but no real temples. Preists usually wander. Some wishing wells are dedicated to the goddess, where people can throw a coin asking for fortune.

Average services: There are no formal Services for worshipper of Twilmeril. Usually leaving a donation at a shrine is the extent of a service.

Example Prayer:
Luck be with us!

Holy Days:


There really is no formal church of Twilmeril. Most priest learn thier skill from another priest that they serve for a while until they have learned enough to go out on thier own. Priests or Twil tend to travel a lot as thier philosophy does not fit well in a community. They tend to serve whatever need they can at the time, and then move on. Many priest become worshippers to adventure.

Alignments: Any non lawful
Duties: Priest of Twil have no formal duties. When passing through a town, they will tend to cater to whatever the towns need are at that time. Often a priest will happen into town at just the time he or she is needed most. They then move on, wherever thier whim takes them thrusting that luck will lead them in the right direction or not.
Enemies/Allies: Twil has no enimies or allies, though her philosophy is the opposite of Kiril, thier priests seem to get along fine.

Domains: Luck, Chaos, Travel, Courage, Glory

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