Queen of dread, Evil's Mistress:


Symbols: Serpent

Alignment: Neutral Evin

Portfolio: Evil, fear, power

Favored Weapon: whip

Common Worshippers: Thoes who believe the strong rules the weak. Anyone who would put themselves above all others.

History: not known
Philosophy: The weak are pathetic and deserve what they get. Be stronger or smarter, or be ruled by other who are. Earn respect through fear.

Dogma: Followers of Tahkene feel they can do as they please, and let somone try to stop them. Take what you want. Earning respect by deeds is foolish. Force other to respect you. Control other through fear.

Places of Worship: Takhene's temple are aften impressive in size and beauty. They are built to intimidate. Often the largest item in the temple is a statue to tahkene sitting on a throne. The largest temple is in Condor in the city of Kalista. The main building's dome is over 100feet tall, and the spire surrounding are as tall as 200 feet. The statue to tahkene is 80 feet tall from the top of her head to the bottom of the throne.

Average services:

Example Prayer:
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Holy Days:




Alignments: Any Evil
Duties: Priest are responsible for growing the influence of the goddess. They strive to find followers to worship through peity or fear. They serve no real purpose in the community.

Enemies/Allies: Tahkene major foe is Sul. She is know for having several powerful being that act as dieties to monster races, follow her. Whether these are being in thier own right, or merley incarnation of her, is unknown.


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