Other Names: The Crafter, The Great Forger


Symbols: Hammer and Anvil, Hammer

Alignment: LN

Portfolio: Crafting, building.

Favored Weapon: Warhammer

Common Worshippers: Crafters, builders, dwarves.
History: Oxor was one of the Circle of Red. He was known for his great engineering skill. He could design a tower, seige engine, or something small and delicate. He ascended with the circle.

Philosophy: The true work is that of crafting. Everybody need something and someone to build it for them. The most holy of jobs is he that builds.

Dogma: People and societies come and go, but thing are long lasting. Build to last. Plan you project and do not be distracted by the aesthetic. Oxor dictates three principles to his followers, Your creation is a part of you build it to last forever, Never Anger a Customer A discount today will yield more customers tomorrow, Make every item as if it was for yourself.

Places of Worship: The temple Oxor is typically inside every guild hall and small store there are also offerings left at market for Oxor by artisans and their customers either in thanks or in offering to find the goods that are needed.

Average services: Morning Prayers are held just before Dawn by crafts men the world over just as they star the day and stoke the fire they offer prayer to stoke the fires of imagination as well. Midday meal prayer is often followed by the spilling of wine on the door way of the crafters store to encourage the winds of creation, and before evening meal Craftsman offer the first serving to the fire in the glory of Oxor for allowing their projects to be safe while they are asleep.
Example Prayer:

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Holy Days:
:Spring Equinox: The Spring Equinox is known as Crafts Faire when artisans travel to big Cities to sell their wares and discuss new ideas with fellow crafters. There is an offering to the clerics of Oxor by each participant usually in the sum of 10% of the first days taking in the three day festival. 50% goes to the most ingenious crafter decided by the clerics the Next 30% goes to the worst crafter to help them improve the final 20% is used for the next Crafts Faire.

:The Fall Equinox: The Fall Equinox is known as the grand convention. It is a time when delegates from every crafts guild go to the main temple to discuss business policy and price negotiations for the coming year. Each Guild donates 10% of its guild coffers to the Church that is then used to further discovery and seal trade agreements with outsiders.


The preisthood of Oxor works a lot like a crafters guild, only one where all crafters are included. A priest of Oxor always has a trade and it is his duty to learn how to perform that trade to the best of his ability. Each priest works toward the goal of perfection, and accepts nothing less. Unlike a regular craftsman, the priest does not craft for money, but instead hopes to draw the attention of the god. If he does he is granted , what is know as the "making". While priests of the crafter do not often work for gold, they also do not craft for the sake of crafting. They believe all items should have a purpose, and they hate waste. If a Preist make a mistake on a peice, he will alter it into something else useful. If he can not find anything usefull he will seek another way of using the raw materials. All of the item that the priest make are sold by the temple. Thoes that are not sold are donated to the poor. While wealthy patron are willing to buy perfect peices from the temple, the priest would rather it go to the more deserving person than the one who can pay the most and often sell thier peices first come, first serve.


The Making is something that every priest of Oxor strives for but very rarely achieve. Oxor embodies hard work, discipline and perfection. When a crafter has worked at his craft so dilligently and has acheived a level of perfection rarely seen, he may be bestowed by the making. He will expeirence a dream, or vision, and see the perfect example of his craft. He will then be given divine knowledge or how to complete the task. Aften it requires a crafter to undertake a dangerous journey to obtain a rare wood or metal. Of the few who receive the vision even fewer get past this point, as it is a test from the god, of the crafter's resolve. One the items are obtained, the crafter falls into a kind of trance and begins work. How long this trance lasts depends on the item. Because of the complexity, the task usually take 3-five time the normal time. Some crafters have died during this process because they undertook the quest and did not prepare enough food or water for the work. Most carfter called will work in the temple, so the other priest may watch out for him during his making. When the work is done, an item of such perfect and beauty, it is unlike anyhting eles ever seen. The crafter knows it was not his hand, but Oxor's that crafted it and used him as his tool. These item are usually blessed with divine magic, even the most mundane. Then it is the crafter's duty to give the item away to one who need it. To keep such an item would go against everything Oxor stands for.
Many priest are affacted differnetly by thier making. The making has never visited a priest twice, so when it comes, a crafter knows that no matter how long he continues in his work, he will never craft anything as perfect. Some become obsessed with matching the peice and will work themsleves to death. Some enter a deep depression. Some try to find a way to stay with the one who received an item like this, so that he does not have to be parted from it. This can turn to jealousy and dark thoughts. Thoes who adjust the best realize they have reached the pinacle of thier lives, and dedicate the rest to helping other achieve thier "making". Most of these do not craft again.

Alignments: Any non Chaotic
Duties: Clerics of Oxor are in charge of settling Labor disputes, Finding new sources of resources and encouraging the sharing of new concepts and Ideas.
Enemies/Allies: Asastos and Oxor have differing view and often find eachother cleric at odds. Oxor has great pride in Grazon, and his dedication to History and tradition.
Domains: Wealth, Trade, Craft, Creation

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