Kiril Goddess of Fate, and destiny

Other names: The Grey Lady, Siatar (Chi Chura)


Symbols: Three interlocking circles

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: Fate Destiny Heritage Divination

Favored Weapon: Long spear (Far Sight)

Common Worshippers: Diviner, astrologers, Most Chi-cshurans

History: Kiril is the god who keeps her eye to the future. Knowing things that have yet to come. She was the first Astrologer and developed the system of examining the stars to divine the future.

Philosophy: Kiril tells her follows not fear for their destiny has all ready been foretold. Keep faith in knowing that you have a destiny to fulfill and you shall not die until it is time to do so. Accept that your story has been written, and await its part eagerly.

Dogma: One should not worry about that which they can not control. Don't be afraid of change, for it is was meant to be, it will be. Try for great deeds without fear, for if you are meant to succeed you will. Just because your future is written, does not mean there will be no surprises to you. Nor does it make you path in life easier, or harder, or any less enjoyable.

Places of Worship: The temples of Kiril are great centers of studying the stars and divining the future. Many kings and rulers seek guidance from the clerics of Kiril, Over time her clerics have learned that when it comes to rulers to only answer the direct and not to reveal the meaning behind the words. That is the destiny of soothsayers. For the common man they often help them see what the future holds and if asked may help the supplicant to understand how it may come about. After all it is destiny.

Average services: Morning Prayers often consist of a blessing to the ancestors and heroes of legend who have embraced their fate whole hearted. Evening prayers are offered to the day for destiny fulfilled and for destiny yet to come.

Example Prayer:
Prayer here

Holy Days:

The Spring Equinox
is held has a Holy Week, known as the birth of the beginning. During this time petitioners of the faith feast and bask in joyful knowledge of their destiny and seek to offer supplication to the legendary heroes of Nor.
The Fall Equinox
is a time for fasting and reflection on how the destiny of others has affected the world and ourselves. Often many of the faithful take this tome to travel to monuments or places of great importance of history where great destinies were made hold to burn a single candle in praise of Kiril knowledge of what is to be.
During the middle of winter when the sky is the clearest the church offers to any who will ask a glimpse their destiny and what is to be in their own life. The date is different in each area of Nor reflecting the timing of the clearest longest nights of winter.


Priests of Kiril are a strange lot. They know that thier future is predestined, and accept that fact. Each of them is skilled in reading signs, and portents, but they rarely if ever read them for themselves. most of them prefer the mystery of not knowing what thier fate is. Their task is to help other come to terms with thier destiny and accept it.

Alignments: Any non chaotic
Duties: Offering guidance into what one’s destiny is and how to interput omens and portents. Teaching others to accept changes in thier lives, as it is all part of a higher calling.

Domains: Fate, Mysticism, Oracle, Time, Divination

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