Incanus God of Death and the Undead

Other names:
Father of the Styx, Lord of the Dead

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Symbols: Skull with Onyx Eyes or a Ring of Skulls

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Portfolio: The Dead, Death, Undeath, Resurrection, and Time

Favored Weapon: Reaper's Caress (Scythe)

Common Worshippers: Mourners, The Undead, Necromancers, Healers (To ward death away)


Philosophy: In the end all things die, but death is not the end. At times even death can be undone, but only if the cause is worthy. Don't fear death for it is just the begining.


Places of Worship: Most worship by lay folk to Incanus happen in small shrines often found in graveyards. The family and friends of the decessed pour libations for the dead and often offer small tokens in respect for Incanus (and as an offering to allow them to continually rest in peace.)

Average services: The most typical service is "The Lament of the Dead" a service held for the dearly departed where the family of the deceased pays for the service and associated intombment costs.

Example Prayer:
Lord of the Dead
Here our cry
Our belovded
Has passed from our eyes
Keep them safe
keep them whole
to rest forever
in thier Gods abode
Holy Days:

Shadow 19
The Bone Walk The priest of incanus take to the street in precession, often joined by people of th black robes. The walk is to commorate the dead, and pray they have a place in the afterlife. Pious people who have lost unpious relatives will most often join the walk. A common thing for a religious mother to say to a non-religious son is "I hope your children walk the Bone Walk for your soul, lest you roam the wastes forever."
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The Cold Breeze This it one of the most holy of days to the darker side of the church. It is a time where the word of the dead and the world of the living lie close. It is the time where communion with thoes who has passed is believed possible. Kings will try to have the priest summon ancestors to ask important questions to. It is also the time that calling on the dead is easiest.



Alignments: LE, LN, NE, CE

Duties: Thing priest of this god are responsible for. What they do day to day.

Domains: Death, Balance, Deathbound, Fate, Pact, Undeath

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