Other names: The masked one, Lord of Lies, The great turncoat

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Symbols: A dagger

Alignment: CE

Portfolio: Betrayal, Murder, Thievery, Fear

Favored Weapon: dagger

Common Worshippers: Thieves, Assasins, anyone who belives power is earned through fear.

History: Hatch was once a mortal rogue, who traveled with a groups of adventurers and turned on them at a moment they needed him the most. He took an item they were looking to destroy, and used it to become the god.

Philosophy: The greatest power is the power over other people. Whether is is over thier lives, thier livelyhood, thier posseisions. This power is best used it is least expected. Use the fear of murder, and betrayal to control the weak.

Dogma: one maintains control through fear and terror. Use the tools of murder and betrayal to insure obedience. Be swith to make an example of thoes who do not fear you. If there is something you want, take it. If a person can not protect what they hold dear, they have no right to it.

Places of Worship: Temples to hatch are usually hidden in underground shines, or secret dark places. Most common people hate worshipper of this dark god, so they often worship where they can. The few dedicated places of worship are usually eloborate underground structure meant to terrify with horrific carving or paintings.

Average services: Services vary but usually involve some type of human sacrifice.

Example Prayer:
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Holy Days:



Preist of Hatch do not hold life in high regard. They look at beings as tools. They feel a world where thoes with the power to kill would rule. They believe that the power to kill comes through wits rather than strength. Assaination is a common way to gain prestige in the church.

Alignments: any non good, non lawful. usually CE

Duties: Followers of Hatch need to remind the people what it is to fear. They normally commit murder and theft to show other nothing is protected. The more powerful the victim the better.
Enemies/Allies: Most other churches revile Hatch.
Domains: evil, trickery, envy, suffering

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