Other names:Hand of Kerius, the Loyal One


Symbols: A shield with two crossed swords.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral

Portfolio: Loyalty, Honor, Tradition, Protection

Favored Weapon: Long Sword

Common Worshippers: Knights, Armsman, Justices, Soldiers

History: Grazon was a human warrior who gave up all he knew to honor his vow of protection of a God in mortal form. In the end, he even gave up his life. He was rewarded with godhood.

Philosophy: What most followers of the god belive

Dogma: Loyalty and honor are more important than life. You life is meaningless without your honor. You must stick to a strong belief system and honor you traditions or you will be more like animals then a civilized society. If you give your word you must keep it. Pacts are never to be broken.

Places of Worship: Churches to Grazon are large structures with complex rites and rules. Each one has a large worship area and a small armory. Many train warriors that serve the church as guardsman. They also feed the hungry and serve as sanctuary for those seeking asylum.

Average services: A Cleric or follower of Grazon usually carries a book called the Rites of Honor. It is a book of prayers and also a guideline of how to act in certain situations. The words in the Rites of Honor are the laws for the followers of Grazon. They are absolute and unchanging. Some clerics have the sole task in interpreting the rules for given situations.

Example Prayer:
Prayer here

Holy Days:

Third thursday of every month
Reflections is a time to remember thoes who have lost thier live while protecting others.
First Week of every season
[[RoD]]Rites of Discipline, worshippers must fast, and eat bread and water only, as a sign of discipline and respect.
First day of the year
Affirmation [[#affirmation]] is when the faithful stand before the church and the Highest Cleric places a mark of judgement on the petitioner to remain true and loyal less he face the punishment of Grazon.


The clerics of Grazon start as aids to a church and are taught mundane chores and asked to do many pointless tasks without question. Those unable are soon forced out. Those that can are then assigned to a cleric for further training until that cleric feels them ready.

Alignments: Lawful Good and neutral only.

Duties: Priests of Grazon are charged with protecting those in need. They also keep the laws and serve justice. They often multi-class with fighter to better serve their God. Paladins are common among the worshipper of church of Grazon. They are also responsible for hunting down oath breakers. They often serve at witnesses at treaties and can use the power of their god to bind contracts.

Domains: Law, Courage, Protection, War, Pact

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