Other names:The All-Knowing, the Great Sage, Father of Tomes

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Symbols: Open Book

Alignment: Neutral

Portfolio: Knowledge, Books, Learning

Favored Weapon: Staff (Progression of Knowledge)

Common Worshippers: Sages, Scholars, Teachers, Loremasters, some Mages and Bards

History: Gilidan is the most powerful of all the Gods. He is the first, and the greatest of the original nine. He was always the most impartial, believing in only the preservation of knowledge and society.
Dogma: Knowledge is sacred, as is the act of preserving and recording such knowledge so generations in days to come may benefit from it. Those that do not know their past are doomed to repeat mistakes of history. Seek to learn all you can, educate those who will listen, and preserve what is known. Books are sacred and we must do everything in our power to protect them.

Philosophy: What most followers of the god belive

Dogma: How a follower should live thier life, thing they should do.

Places of Worship: Most temples to Gilidan double as libraries or schools. Most are found in large cities with wealthy patrons.

Average services: Gilidan churches do not hold normal services. Most obtain their money from teaching noble children, though many adventurers donate lots of gold to the church, for their willingness to make their knowledge available (especially knowledge about treasure hordes and artifacts)

Example Prayer:
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Holy Days:
15th day of the Shadow
- Fall of Alexandria. This day is a dark day in the history of the church. The greatest of all libraries was looted and set ablaze by enemies. More knowledge was lost that day then ever before in the history of Nor. Priests and pious patrons fast on this day.
When both moons are at their apex this is a time to celebrate and learn and to share. The priests call this the Enlightenment and oft times days prior begin copying very basic history books to be handed out and used as a primer to teach and to learn.
Varies Rare
Once in a very rare time the keepers of the temples are sent on a journey to search for the seeker only Gilliadan knows whom to send and where and often it appears in whatever journal or tome they are transcribing.


There are three priestly orders for the church of Gilidan. Keepers, who are in charge of taking care of the knowledge in the temples, and also generate income for the clergy by teaching. A king or other ruler usually requests chroniclers, to document the working of the court. The record and keep records for the kingdom's archives. Last are the seekers. These divinely touched priests search out the world for knowledge and keep a journal of all they learn.

The monastic order of keepers are responsible for the protection, organization and preservation of knowledge in the form of books. Most keepers come from families that can not afford to take care of their children. They send them to the temple and they are tested for the "touch" showing that Gilidan has gifted with the ability to become a seeker. If not, they are watched. Should they show a reverence of knowledge, they are trained as keepers, otherwise they are sent to other places that fit their character more.

these temple trained scholars are sent to kings, and other nobles all over Nor to keep records for the court. They are trained to not take sides or make judgements but to observe and record only. They use the knowledge they have access to help rulers be fair.

Seekers are those who have been given the ability to channel the divine power of Gilidan. They are the only members of the priesthood who can actually cast spells. They are given the gift of magic so they may go out and obtain knowledge. They each carry a journal that functions as their holy book. They fill this journal with all the knowledge they can obtain. When they pass, they enter the great library of Gilidan and present this journal, their life work, to the god. He then decides whether they serve him as a divine keeper in his library which hold all the knowledge of the world, or if they are sent back to the world to begin anew.

Alignments: Any Neutral
Duties: Please see the individual descriptions
Enemies/Allies: The Nameless One has a dislike for Gilidan for knowledge can destroy his subterfuge
Domains: Knowledge, Mind, Magic, and Spell

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